Friday, June 27, 2008

Doctor visit

Today was Madeleine's 4 year doctor visit. I checked Everett on the scale and he was 16.3 lbs naked, so (depending on which growth chart you use) he is on the growth chart for his weight! YEAH! It has been a battle to get that boy to gain weight!

Madeleine is no longer on the bottom of her growth chart either! (She has always been 5-10% on weight and 25-50% on height). Today she was 34.6 lbs and 40 1/2 inches. According to the doctor that was 50% percentile and 75% percentile (but there are so many different growth charts). The important thing is that both kids are healthy, happy, like to eat, and have good metabolisms! Luckily, Lee did not have to work today so he was able to hold Madeleine down while she received 4 shots!!! She was very brave... here's a photo of her writing her name on her thank you notes for her Birthday presents.

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Pat Ewert said...

Ms Olga would like to thank Miss Madeline VERY much for the neat "Thank You" note that she sent.