Thursday, April 10, 2008

What a night!

Tonight I was invited to attend the Robert S. Folsom Leadership Award gala where First Lady Laura Bush was the recipient. What a night! There were 1000 people (lots of Methodists) at the Hilton Anatole and the entire evening was very well done. The food was delicious and the presentations were great. Ray Hunt did a great job as the emcee and they included videos from family members and friends congratulating her. One of the First Lady's college friends talked about how the First Lady spoke on TV after 9/11 encouraging us to turn off the TV and reassure our children that even though there were bad people in the world, there were many, many good people in the world as well. I remember the First Lady doing that and I remember the amazing amount of respect that I had for her. She spoke tonight as well and she was eloquent and was beautiful. She really did look good! Everyone was also gifted with a children's book that Laura and Jenna Bush have written (it isn't in the book stores yet), I can't wait to read it to Madeleine.


Anonymous said...

Did President Bush speak?

Kerry Sumpter Smith said...

No, he wasn't there, and the secret service that was there was very subtle. I really was impressed, I knew that those folks were secret service, but they were very much in the background. They did videos of all of the family since I think it would have been too much of a security thing to have them all in one place. I am not a lover of Laura's husband but I was incredibly impressed be her this evening.