Thursday, April 17, 2008

The perils of being a mom!

Last night while I was feeding Everett and getting him to bed, Lee was getting Madeleine ready for bed. After books and prayers and hugs, Madeleine shared with Lee that she loved mommy a little and she loved daddy a lot.

Lee responded by telling her that mommy and daddy both loved Madeleine a lot. Then, Lee shared with me what Madeleine had said so that I would be prepared. We talked about how to respond, to share with Madeleine that mommy and daddy both loved Madeleine a lot.

And then I shared with Lee about the guilt. You see that day was our long day at the church. We get there at 9am and don't leave until 8pm because of Wednesday night classes. Madeleine is in Awana, which she loves and Lee and I are taking Crown which we are really enjoying. I enjoy Wednesday night church, it just makes for a long day. Madeleine is used to being in bed by 7pm and Wednesdays we are leaving the church at 8pm!

When Lee shared with me about what Madeleine said, my first thought was ... guilt! Guilt that we spend so much time at the church, guilt that I get frustrated with her and am not patient enough. Guilt about anything, everything... When I told my sister about what Madeleine said, my sister responded, "that stinker!" Yes, Madeleine had no idea about the implications of what she was saying, she didn't say it for a reason. She was just being a stinker! The perils of being a mom, taking things that your 3 1/2 year old children say too seriously!

So, in the car this morning on the way to church Madeleine said, "mommy, I love you a little like 2, and I love daddy a lot." I said, "I love you a lot Madeleine!" And I didn't feel guilty, I just said to myself, that stinker!

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