Friday, April 11, 2008

Inspiration from fellow clergywomen

Yesterday the North Texas Conference Clergywomen met together. I love the new format of our meetings. We go around the circle sharing joys and concerns. Then two clergywomen (who had been previously asked) share their story about how they were called into ministry. I always learn something new from these stories and it makes me think of my own story and how God has worked in the past and continues to work. Then someone shares a Bible study. Each time the Bible study is so unique. Last time we did formational Bible study (as opposed to informational Bible study) where we looked at the story of the raising of Lazarus and talked in small groups about how God has brought us new life. We talked about how that particular Bible study had formed us and how God can continue to form us and speak to us through the story. This time we watched an incredible video. This video was rich with insight and I keep thinking about it's message. It is titled "Celebrate what's right with the world" and narrated by Dewitt Jones, a photographer from National Geographic. Guess how much the video costs? $795!

I keep thinking about the message from the weaver in Scotland, when you weave, weave. When I am with the children, be with the children. When I am at church, be at church. Be in the moment, in the present moment. Right now the only time in my day when I am in the moment successfully is when I am swimming laps in the pool at the gym. My sister and I go swim for 30 minutes and all I am thinking about is swimming, doing the next lap, getting the next breath. (This could be because I am out of shape...) Anyway, I recommend that you watch this video as well!

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