Saturday, April 26, 2008

Even in the church

Lee is at the movies tonight so I've spent the evening on the internet searching to find out what is going on at General Conference. I've found some great blogs (all from Kansas!) and was intrigued to learn that special interests are found even in the Methodist Church. This is from a blog by Rev. Mark Holland from Trinity UMC in Kansas City.
"Bishop Janice Huie of the Houston Area gave the sermon and she was AWESOME! She is the current president of the Council of Bishops and she is really a leading voice in the church. She reminded us that there are 1,000 delegates representing 11.4 million United Methodists in 128 conferences, in 48,000 congregations, in 50 nations, on 5 continents. I wrote that part down, and I may still not have gotten it right, but something like that. She talked about the special interest groups dividing our church, some who believe they have cornered the market on “righteousness”. But, she reminded us of Paul’s message that all fall short of the Glory of God. She also talked about “marshmallow faith” that looks good and tastes sweet, but when it gets too close to the fire, it drips off the stick onto the ground and burns up. We have to have real faith in Christ. Wow."

Rev. Holland continues:
"apparently, the super conservative Good News movement has purchased ALL 250+ central conference delegates (those from Africa and Asia) cell phones to use during General Conference. Allegedly so they can text message them who to vote for…during the Judicial Council Elections. This is not all that surprising as they have already circulated their list of preferred candidates. And, as delegates walk into their committees, the Good News hands everyone a list of every petition and how to vote on it. (I am not making this up!) How easy is that? Even W could be a delegate here…but I digress."

Special interest groups, even in the church!

This quote is from a blog by Jenny who is making a documentary about United Methodist young clergy.
"No other denomination allows its members to petition the entire church body. I listened to the first ever Young People’s Address and was so proud to be a United Methodist. We can be hard on ourselves because we don’t see as much change as we desire. But when we step back and see what God is already doing, it’s incredible. United Methodist people gave 57 billion dollars in the offering plates over the past 4 years!"

I love being United Methodist clergy, okay - now, off to bed!

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