Wednesday, June 1, 2011

#14 Thing to Do in Dallas with Kids

Go swimming! I had a pool in my backyard from the age of 6 and when my mom sold that house I missed the pool the most. Summer in Texas is all about figuring out how to swim as often as possible.

When we moved into our current house Madeleine was 2 and both Lee and I agreed that our child was too young for us to have a pool. Since we are not going to put a pool into our backyard, we put our names on the waiting list for the KayCee Pool and after 3 years last year we were invited to pay a big chunk of money and join the pool! This is our 2nd year and we were there on opening day as soon as it opened! It has been wonderful to see the kids love to swim as much as I do. The KayCee Pool has a great slide and I am happy to report that Everett has gone by himself down the slide! I still want to be at the bottom to make sure he is okay so I have not documented it with pictures, yet. He sits in his trusty float to go down the slide, but tonight when we went to the pool Everett went down at least 15 times!

Madeleine swimming.

There is a cantina at the KayCee pool and Everett really enjoyed his fudge ice cream. I guess I should have encouraged him to take a shower and go to the bathroom to clean up, but instead I told him to jump back in the pool!

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