Wednesday, June 1, 2011

#12 Thing to Do in Dallas with Kids

Continuing my 52 Things to do in Dallas with Kids 2011 resolution...

Launa's Little Library is a Lake Highlands gem. The librarian, Mrs. K, has a heart of gold and is incredibly patient with each of the 350 children who visit the library! Launa's Little Library was even featured in People Magazine! I first learned about LLL in September 2006 at the kick-off party for the Lake Highlands Area Early Childhood PTA, an incredible group of parents. I got a flier for LLL, and took my daughter there when she was 2 years old. On your second visit to the library you receive a yellow book bag to store your books. You are encouraged to visit the library every 2 weeks and can check out 5 books at a time. After the children have checked out their books with Mrs. K, they pick out a sticker.

Launa's Little Library is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, and I know that the life of our family is richer because of our involvement in the library.

Every Memorial Day LLL hosts a Things on Wheels Parade and this year it was amazing. Mrs. K combined the fall birthday fundraiser celebration with the Memorial Day parade and called it Marvelous Memorial Day Madness. After the parade (Madeleine rode her bike and Everett his scooter), we had caricatures drawn, names printed with letter art, faces painted, ate some hot dogs, participated in the book balancing crazy race, rode the train, tried our luck in the cake walk at least 25 times (to no avail), and bounced in the bounce houses. We love Launa's Little Library!
some of the parade

Madeleine is a pro!

Everett on his scooter.

letter art

the cake walk... the Smiths do not have good cake walk luck... Madeleine is on the square but her number was not called.

Madeleine and Sydney in the book balancing race.

4 cousins riding the train

Two happy siblings after a great party!

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