Wednesday, June 1, 2011

#13 Thing to Do in Dallas with Kids

Attend the Free Dallas Symphony Orchestra Memorial Day Concert at Flagpole Hill. The concert started at 8 pm followed by fireworks at 9 and since the next day was a school day, I decreed that the children had to take a nap after the party at Launa's Little Library or else no fireworks. Amazingly, everyone fell asleep! So, around 7:45 pm we parked along White Rock Trail and carried our chairs maybe a half mile to Flagpole Hill near White Rock Lake. While the Symphony played the kids played on a playground right there and while they had fun playing, I had fun listening to the beautiful music. The large crowd stood during the Star Spangled Banner and we all oohed and aahed during the fireworks. The concert and its music was a wonderful opportunity to talk about America's Armed Forces and it was free! There was a delightful breeze and it was a great night. I hope that this will become an annual tradition for our family.

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