Sunday, May 2, 2010

While we were in Costa Rica

Lee and I went to Costa Rica for our 10th Anniversary celebration, but since I am still working on that blog post I thought I would share photos my mom took while she watched the kids for 5 days! (bless her) Saturday, she went to Madeleine's soccer game where Madeleine got her first goal! Today (May 1) was Madeleine's last game of the season and she made 2 goals! The 2nd goal was from the kick-off, no one stopped her kick and it slowly, slowly, slowly made its way to the goal. Everett helped his Nana find the snack stand at the soccer field. Mom also took the kids to a birthday party at ASI gymnastics. Thank you, mom!

Everett enjoying his Icee.

Madeleine jumping on the trampoline.

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