Wednesday, May 19, 2010

in 10 years

May 6, 2010 Lee and I celebrated our 10th anniversary.

In 10 years Lee and I have:

lived in 4 houses (an apartment, a parsonage in England, a parsonage in Krum, the house we bought in Dallas)

had 5 different cars (Contour, Jeep, Caprice, Accord, Pilot)

lived 5 years in Dallas, (2000-2001, 2006-2010)

lived 1 year in England (2001-2002)

lived 4 years in Krum, (2002-2006)

traveled out of the country 4 times (Caribbean honeymoon in 2000, England 2001-2002, China in 2003, Costa Rica in 2010)

Lee ran a marathon and Kerry walked a half marathon (Kerry conveniently got pregnant while training for the full marathon) at Walt Disney World and raised $7600 for Leukemia/Lymphoma with Team in Training.

Kerry has served 6 different Methodist churches
Oak Lawn United Methodist Church (2000-2001)
Langdon Hills Methodist Church (2001-2002) in Basildon, England
St. Paul's Methodist Church (2001-2002) in Basildon, England
Trinity Methodist Church (2001-2002) in Basildon, England
Krum United Methodist Church (2002-2006)
Lovers Lane United Methodist Church (2006-2008)
Oak Lawn United Methodist Church (2008-2010)

Lee has worked at 3 different companies
PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting 2000-2002
IBM (purchased PwC Consulting) 2002-2004
Raytheon 2004-2010

had two beautiful, wonderful children: Madeleine Nicholls Smith in 2004 and Everett Sumpter Smith in 2007

Now a haiku

Lee's haiku
Haikus can make sense
Sometimes haikus don't make sense

Kerry's haiku
Lee and I ten years!
I love Lee's sense of humor.
How about 10 more?


KLS said...

Love the haikus!

Victoria said...

Oh your making me all weepy. Congrats!

Nan and Don Perkins said...

I'm with Victoria - it makes me all weepy! Congratulations!

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