Saturday, November 28, 2009

Turkey Trot

We thought it would be fun this year to run in Dallas' Turkey Trot. Just the 5K, nothing hard, we would put the kids in a jogging stroller, run off some calories and then drive an hour north for turkey. We had no idea that 37,000 other people were going to be in the Turkey Trot as well! It took us 20 minutes to just cross the starting line (dogs and strollers were at the back). We did have a great time though and Madeleine did walk across the starting line, run a little in the middle, and run across the finish line. She was entered as a trot tot and received a t shirt so we told her that she had to earn it! The only running that we were able to do was to try to get ahead just a little, there were so many people and we were in the back and stuck with the committed walkers. We did have a great time though and it was fun to be a part of something with so many other people. Afterward as we drove to Denison to have Thanksgiving lunch with Lee's family, Lee kept joking that we were going to eat with nearly as many people as we ran with, but there were only about 40 Smiths present.

Here our Smiths were at the Turkey Trot... poor Everett, Madeleine kept squishing him!

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Tiffany said...

You all are amazing! I am impressed and you look great all snuggled in fitness gear.