Saturday, November 7, 2009

Gorgeous Fall Days

Friday was beautiful here in Dallas, so I set up the bounce house (all by myself, thank you very much!) and Everett bounced in our bounce house for the first time! Every time before he refused, clutching on to me with all his might, but he has bounced on a few bounce houses since then at fall carnivals. He was eager to bounce this time!

Everett has a new cute thing. He speaks so many more words and his latest one is "cared" short for scared. Whenever we see a dog or cat, he wants to be picked up and then he says, "cared." Tonight we went to a party where they had a trampoline. Everett kept saying, "cared," so I sat on the trampoline with him until he got used to it. He is just so sweet when he lowers his head and says, "cared."

Today we did some yard work outside (I mowed, Lee blew leaves), and the kids rode their bikes. (I push Everett's) Madeleine has requested that her training wheels be taken off, what do you think? Movie below...

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