Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fooling Santa

On the way home from church today I asked Madeleine what she wanted from Santa, here is how the conversation went...

Madeleine: I want another American Girl doll.

Kerry/Mom: Another one? Santa brought you one last year. I think Santa would like to bring you something different this year.

Madeleine: What if I cut my hair?

Kerry/Mom: What?

Madeleine: Then, Santa won't recognize me.

Kerry/Mom: What?

Madeleine: When I sit on Santa's lap.

Kerry/Mom: Won't Santa recognize Everett from last year?

Madeleine: We can cut Everett's hair too.

Kerry/Mom: (Laughing...)

Madeleine: And Everett won't be crying this year.

Kerry/Mom: Oh, okay...


KLS said...

Smart girl! I love these kid conversations :)

Rachel said...

Santa's obviously an idiot.