Sunday, January 25, 2009

I love free stuff

I love free stuff! My favorite free stuff thing is at Bookmarks, the first public library in a shopping mall. Bookmarks has daily story time which is awesome and Wednesdays and Saturdays they have a big story time with an entertainer. Madeleine was chosen to hold a sign for the sing along guy from last Saturday. She had a great time! Hopefully you can see her huge smile.

Though she didn't always hold the sign the correct way...

Bookmarks also has a book club. The book club has got awesome prizes all donated from stores at Northpark mall. I give huge props to the stores in the mall and to the Dallas Public Library system, because Madeleine already loved reading, but she is motivated to color in her Bookbugs so that she can get her next prize!

Madeleine's latest favorite book series is written by Daisy Meadows and is all about fairies. I give God thanks for the public library because there are a lot of these books! And I just learned on wikipedia that they are written by four different authors!

At Northpark mall last weekend Olivia visited the BabyGap and it was very well done. They had Olivia's wardrobe and you could try on some of Olivia's clothes and take a picture with Olivia.

Other free stuff I love: parks! Last weekend we walked to a nearby park, well, Madeleine rode her Big Wheel, and Everett was pushed along on the Radio Flyer bike, but by the end of it Lee was carrying Everett, Madeleine was walking, and I was carrying the Big Wheel and pushing the Radio Flyer bike. It was a bit exhausting. However, the park was fun!

Everett loved this tunnel.

Here Madeleine is on top of it!

Slide races!

Here's a movie of the slide races, Everett totally cheated, he didn't wait for me to say 3!!

I love Everett's tummy in this shot! How can he not be 20 lbs yet?

I love this picture!

Enjoy a movie of Madeleine on the monkey bars. I can never do the money bars with her because I am too short! Yeah for Lee!

The other free thing that I love is parades! We couldn't attend the Martin Luther King Jr. parade on Saturday in Dallas (swimming then ballet), so we attended the one on the actual holiday, on Monday. It was so much fun! Everett was sick (discussed in the next post), but fascinated by all the people and the music from the bands. The funniest moment was when the pick-up drove by with the guy wearing the Obama mask. The crowd roared!

So, here's my tips to free stuff in Dallas. I scour Dallas Child magazine, The Advocate, and their blogs to see what's free and then we go!

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Jessie Dirks said...

Wanna know my favorite free thing, Kerry? Your blog! It's seriously the first thing I read (after my e-mail) each morning. The pics of and stories about the kids are always an awesome way to start my day!

We love you guys!!!