Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A blog update

ummm. not quite sure where nearly half of January has gone.... We have gotten back into the grove and although I have Thursday and Friday off with my part-time schedule last week I was blessed to do a funeral and the kids were in school every day last week. This week I have a training on Thursday... Oak Lawn UMC is great fun though and I am so glad to be there! The Angel Voices Choir is back in full swing and Madeleine sings the new song, I'm a Possibility, throughout the week.

The weather has been so nice that we have been playing outside a lot. We have moved a playhouse that was in my sister's backyard to ours and it is so much fun! I took the kids to Ikea a few weeks ago to get Madeleine a nightstand and also some dishes to play with in the house.

Everett loves to be outside, playing in the house, in the sandbox, or (how cute is this?) using the sidewalk chalk!

We set up the bounce house a few Sundays ago and Everett was petrified by the bounce house.

Everett loves to climb, enjoy this video of him babbling and climbing to the top of the picnic table outside.

Madeleine loves to take pictures around the house with my camera, this last time she took a picture of herself! It is in focus and everything!

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