Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Everett is 15 months!

January 6th Everett had his 15 month check-up. He is still not on the weight chart, but he is on his own curve. He was 19 lbs 15 oz and 30 3/4 inches. He is in the 25-50th percentile for height, but alas, my dreams of having tall children will probably not come to fruition. I always tell Lee that I married him to have tall children and Lee's latest retort is that the kids have his looks and my height, really the worst of both (in his words!). The doctor said that Everett might be 5'9"... poor kid with a 6'4" dad... Anyway, he is happy and healthy and loves to eat chicken nuggets, mandarin oranges (a new one), bananas, waffles, and lately my yogurt lover has been not so interested in the yogurt. He does not like milk in the sippy cup yet but loves apple juice. Everett also wants to eat whatever you are eating, does not matter what it is, he wants some. NOW!

Everett is also communicating so much more now. It is so much fun as they get older! If he would just stop pointing and grunting though when he wants something! He communicates verbally these words: all done, bye, ball, mama (it is so sweet!), dada, down and more.

He communicates with sign language these words, all done (shakes his hands in the air), bye (waves his hand), and hunger (fingers to his mouth). I did sign language for longer than I did with Madeleine (I didn’t stick with it long enough for her to pick any sign language up) but I wish I had done more sign language and done it more consistently. Oh well…

Lately when I cook Everett’s waffle or his chicken nuggets I have been trying to show him that they are too hot for him to eat (to ease his grunting and pointing) by blowing and moving my hand in front of my mouth. I say “too hot.” Whenever Everett gets his waffle or chicken nugget (even if they have been in the fridge), he blows and moves his hand in front of his mouth.

However, the biggest exciting news is that when I tell Everett to sit in the bath…. HE DOES!!! The standing baths are possibly nearing an end!

Everett's laugh is the sweetest noise in the world! And when he smiles and scrunches up his face, adorable! Finally, if Everett were a super hero his name would be The Snuggler (the boy loves to snuggle) and his costume would be this.

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