Thursday, November 6, 2008


We got a Wii!!! Why is it that when you get on a roll spending money you always seem to want to spend more? It's like eating brownies (or something), it's hard to stop. So, we bought a mac mini (still getting used to the mouse and the keyboard) and I have been wanting a wii and we knew that they would be hard to find at Christmas, so Christmas came early! The interface on the wii is amazing! So far I haven't beaten Lee in a game, but we both had so much fun creating our mii (the character that is you) and finding out our wii fit age.

And, I finally got tired of the wallpaper rips in the breakfast room. We have two rooms that still have wallpaper and we didn't repaint last summer. The guest bathroom (still has carpet too) and the round breakfast room. Madeleine taped one too many of her artistic creations and the wallpaper has seen better days. So, a wonderful painter man is taking down wallpaper as we speak.

I am now working Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday because we started a new women's Bible study on Wednesday mornings. We had a great group yesterday, 10 ladies! Everett is walking better, and successfully transitioned this week to Oak Lawn UMC daycare! He didn't even cry once! It is so nice to have all the chicks under the same roof! Have a wonderful day!


Jen said...

Fabulous!! Christmas came early for us too!! :-) You'll have to let me know what you think about the Wii Fit!

PS Congrats on the wallpaper coming down! You do know that next on Lee's list is going to be the kitchen floors, right? :-)

Kerry Sumpter Smith said...

Kitchen floors = new countertops = island extended and bar cut out (the part that extends out) = wait until next summer (hopefully next summer!)

And the Wii fit seems cool, it is all about balance. I don't think it should be a replacement for a workout though...

strulock said...

Yay! Congrats on the Wii. I got "Wii Elbow" within a day or two from boxing too hard. Be careful!