Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm thankful that someone answered the phone at poison contol on Thanksgiving!

So, it has been an exciting day! I made my first phone call to poison control ever! With all four of his molars coming in, Everett has been gnawing on everything. While I was changing Everett's diaper this morning, I handed Everett the Purell, which I have done before on numerous occasions. It keeps Everett's hands busy so that I can do what I need to do. He has never been able to open the cap, however, this morning he figured it out! I looked up at Everett and he was licking his lips rather strangely and I noticed that the cap was open. Lee was running the Turkey Trot (Go, Lee!) so I calmly took out a wetwipe, cleaned off Everett's hands, and read the Purell label. It said to contact Poison Control if ingested. So, I did! Someone answered, on Thanksgiving! He was very nice and said to watch out for vomiting and to make sure Everett had lots of fluids. Everett was thirsty, but seemed fine.

About an hour later Lee got home and I was trying to amuse Everett with the items in my bathroom drawer while I finished getting dressed. Lee said, what is on Everett's hands? Everett managed to get the cap off the tube of body scrub. Everett was not licking his lips, so I decided not to call Poison Control again!

We had a great rest of the day, we celebrated Thanksgiving with Lee's closest 45 relatives in Denison.

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