Tuesday, August 5, 2008

National Lampoons Vacation

Our National Lampoons Vacation started last Friday night when my sister Kristin and I arrived at Love Field Airport to pick up our rented minivan. It took us an hour to put in the carseats (we were sidetracked when someone told us that another minivan had a DVD player in it ... it did not, and it is hard to put car seats in a minivan when it is pitch black outside!) We left for Wimberley after ballet class on Saturday, complete with 2 sisters and 4 cousins. We arrived in Wimberley where my mom lives after only one stop! We stopped at the worst McDonald's in Waco, they only had 2 highchairs for the entire McDonald's and they were not available, and there was no playground! Since arriving in Wimberley we have had a wonderful time swimming in the pool! My mom's brother, Gil, and wife Judy came tonight for dinner and Judy, who is an amazing photographer, took the pictures below. Side note: Everett is 10 months old today!

Everett and Papa

Look at my hammer!

Madeleine and me swimming

Nana with Austin and Sydney and Madeleine and Everett

Everett is such a happy baby!
Austin, Kristin, Sydney (my sister and her children), Nana, and Madeleine, me, and Everett

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