Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Theological Musings

Yesterday I was thinking about God while taking the kids on a walk around the block. I was carrying Everett in the Baby Bjorn and Madeleine was riding her Big Wheel. I was wondering about original sin, how could this perfect baby in my arms be sinful? Then, Madeleine started to bicycle away from me, far away. I was saying loudly, "Madeleine," and then more sternly... I didn't want to be too loud, Everett was right in front of me and I didn't want to destroy his hearing this quickly. However Madeleine was not responding, not slowing down, nothing. She just kept pedaling away. She was down the street and making the corner as fast as she could. I am now running after my defiant child hoping that Everett's little brains aren't being too shaken about. My worries about his hearing no longer seemed important... Are we born sinful? Born defiant? Born wanting to go our own way instead of walking with God? Definitely.

As I made the corner, Madeleine was running towards me. She had gotten scared and wanted to make sure that I was still back there. In her nearly 4 year old mind I represent God to her. She was running away from me as quickly as possible and yet, wondering where I was when she finally stopped doing her own thing and looked around for me. When people are enduring trials and pain, I often hear them ask, "Where is God?" God is always there. God is walking beside us and when we decide to pedal ahead as fast as we can, God is loudly saying our names waiting for us to slow down, to stop, to turn around. Praise God that more often than not we run back to God because we realize that we need God. Praise God that when we do run back to God that God welcomes us with open arms.

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