Saturday, March 8, 2008

Austin Swims!

My sister's little boy Austin swam this morning after swimming class, he loved it! This photo is before he went into the water. Unfortunately we had no one to document his actual going into the water, I'm going to ask Lee to come next week as our official photographer.

Our normal Saturday morning routine is to play with the boys as the girls are in swimming class (from 9:15-9:45am) and then we go to the baby pool where we watch the girls play until 10:45am. Then, it's off for lunch at Pei Wei (they open at 11am). Kristin and I used to sit in chairs and watch the girls play in the pool. However, it was so hot! Apparently warmed indoor pools radiate heat! So, we decided to get those boys in the water! Today we had two girls in the pool and Kristin and I were both holding onto a boy with both hands while the girls held onto us. It was exhausting, but the boys loved it!

Here's Everett looking snazzy!

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