Saturday, March 1, 2008

Everett Swims and Sydney Slides

At swimming class today there were two big events: Sydney (Madeleine's cousin, my sister Kristin's little girl) went down the slide!

(Madeleine got over her fears of the slide after watching a Caillou TV show (it's on PBS) where Caillou was scared about going down the waterslide, but in the end went down the waterslide. Yes, I have my days where I feel like Madeleine watches too much TV; I never thought a TV show would help her conquer her fears.)

Anyway, I got a picture of Sydney just at the point of impact (I'm getting slow in my camera taking skills in my old age).

And then, when swimming class was over, we went over to the baby pool to play as we do every week and this week Everett went into the pool as well! He seemed to enjoy it (or at least didn't cry!) Thanks to my sister Kristin for documenting the event.

I also included a picture that will show you why Madeleine and Sydney's teacher, LaSharon, is a saint.
That's Madeleine holding onto LaSharon's neck as Sydney is in LaSharon's other arm.

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