Monday, February 7, 2011

#5 Thing to Do in Dallas with Kids

Visit a swim class for free. We are big Emler Swim School fans, but all of the swim places will let you try a class for free. Of course, we always sign up...

Madeleine went every Saturday for 3 years (from age 2 to age 5) and swims like a fish. We just started Everett and he is warming to it... slowly.

The first class. We decided not to bring the goggles (or wobble gobbles as Everett calls them) the next week and that seemed to help.

Saddest kid ever.

After 3 weeks of swim class. This is after class in the play pool where they can stand and they play after class. (Shhh, I don't think Madeleine is allowed because she is not taking classes, but she wanted to go swimming.)

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