Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So, once there was this art program...

So, once there was this art program, called Reflections. Last year when Madeleine was in kindergarten, art workshops were advertised in the PTA newsletter and I signed up to go with Madeleine and help. Since Madeleine goes to art only once a week in school (and she loves it), I wanted to encourage her love of art in any way possible. So, I went to the first workshop, and the next and the next. It was such fun to watch children create art to a theme. The theme last year was Beauty is...

So, this year I am one of the three parents in charge of the program. The theme this year is Together We Can.... We had three workshops after school, and at the first workshops 53 K, 1st and 2nd graders attended. 53 kids! The last two workshops we only had 30 kids at each workshop. Only 30 kids! HA!

So, now the three parents are mounting all of the work on posterboard and next Thursday the art will be judged. I know, it sounds like an art contest, but it is an art program. They told us that at the District Training, so it must be true.

Visual Arts are the bulk of our entries at Madeleine's school, but there can also be music, dance, photography, film and literature. Last year Moss Haven had 140 total entries, and this year we hope to have more than that. After the art is judged, the top 20% go on to district, and the top 20% from there go on to state. Last year we had one beautiful picture from a 6th grader go on to state. Then, 2 entries from each state go on to nationals.

Madeleine wanted a camera for her birthday this summer, so I finally downloaded the pictures from her camera. We picked 4 pictures to submit for Reflections, here are some highlights from her camera.

The PTA Reflections website is so fun, you can see all of the national winners from last year.

Madeleine took a picture of the TV showing the 4th of July show in Washington, D.C.

One of many, many, many pictures of Madeleine's willing subject, her brother.

This is Launa's Little Library. At the top of these stairs is the kindest woman in Lake Highlands.

A self portrait, one of many, but this one is mostly in focus!

Love this one! It is Madeleine's arm. Her skin, she says...

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