Thursday, February 11, 2010

a weekend

Madeleine won the Awesome Attitude award for her kindergarten class. Here we are at Yumilicious celebrating!

Madeleine attended a cheerleading clinic Saturday morning from 9-12 and then performed with the 90 other girls during halftime for the Lake Highlands Varsity Basketball team. Here she is with the Lake Highlands High School mascot, Go Wildcats!

About 2 minutes before halftime I realized that one of the other team's players (Richardson High School) only had one hand. It was AMAZING to watch him maneuver the basketball. It really was inspiring to watch. There is a news story and video of him here.

Then, it was Sydney's (Madeleine's cousin, my sister Kristin's little girl) 6th Birthday!

My mom was the facepainter...

and here is Everett as the puppy!

Madeleine is playing soccer with the Lake Highlands soccer association and is one of the pink pandas. I have learned that there are sizes of soccer balls (Madeleine's team plays with a size 3 ball) and Madeleine's team will play with 3 players on the field at a time. They also make the coolest shin guards now, they are actually part of the sock! Unfortunately, due to the snow and extreme cold in Dallas we have had 3 canceled practices and 1 canceled game. They are thinking of changing their name from the pink pandas to the polar pandas!

a video of the cheering

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