Friday, January 29, 2010

Life is about balance

Not too many sweets, not too many activities, not too many tv shows... life is about balance. One cupcake is okay... (Everett reveling in his one cupcake)

(video of Madeleine in tap in her pink leotard, she starts soccer next week, so that will be two activities!)

and every day there are celebrations (video of Everett successfully using the hippity hop with big sister Madeleine cheering him on and Lee and I laughing behind the camera!)

May we all continue to strive for balance in our lives...


Anonymous said...

Wow I cannot believe how big he has gotten! One of the last times I saw him I was feeding him a bottle

Kerry Sumpter Smith said...

I know! It is amazing how they turn into little boys so quickly! He will be in high school before I know it!