Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Celebrating the Ordinary

I received a wonderful Christmas letter from a friend and received permission from her to share (which was nice since I shared it when I preached Dec. 27!)

“What strikes me as I write this letter is how our lives are mostly filled with the ordinary tasks that never get celebrated at Christmastime! The fact that we get up most mornings and get two adults and two children fed, cleaned, dressed and out the door with computers, backpacks, lunches, folders (signed), library books, show-and-tell items and jackets (labeled) is, in itself, something of a miracle. That we reverse gears and actually get everyone bathed, brushed, Ovaltined, and in bed every night feels very much like a miracle, as well. So this year, more than trips or milestones, I’d like the celebrate the “ordinariness” of our lives.

My goal for the coming year is to stop segregating the “ordinary” from the “special” – to stop waiting for the perfect moment to arrive to stop worrying about getting everything done and start appreciating all that already is. I invite you to join me in 2010 in a celebration of the ordinary – may you find your deepest blessings there!”

Mary Spradlin, Christmas letter 2009, Pastor of St. Stephen UMC in Arlington Texas



June Schiada said...

You are so right! What a blessing to get through a day sometimes! Other days are miracles to create, enjoy God's world and do something! Thank You!

Anonymous said...

I dont know you - but am Kerry's step-sister. Beautiful and touching letter. So true. I'm going to print a copy to look at every morning. Sometimes it is so hard to not take the ordinary for granted and get lost in the complexities of life. Jena

Anonymous said...

I'm celebrating with my beautiful Christmas tree...which was finally finished being decorated on New Year's Eve, at 1am. I was all distraught that I was so busy that it didn't seem like Christmas had even happened. NOW I will just bask in the fact that even though a bit late, the holidays can still be savored, regardless of what the calendar says!