Monday, June 15, 2009

The birthday presents parade

On Monday we visited our wonderful friends, Mrs. Pat and Ms. Olga. Ms. Olga is in her 90s and just the sweetest ever! Mrs. Pat is Ms. Olga's daughter and the church music librarian at Lovers Lane UMC. We started bringing Ms. Olga communion before Everett was even born. We have continued to visit and I am so appreciative of the way that this family embraces my own family and welcomes my two rambunctious children into their home! Mrs. Pat made Madeleine two outfits for Kaylie, Madeleine's Just Like Me American Girl Doll. Madeleine was ecstatic and had to put Kaylie in the pretty dress and warm pajamas as soon as we got home. Thank you both, Mrs. Pat and Ms. Olga! These pictures were taken within minutes of one another, Madeleine had to get in a dress like Kaylie and in her pajamas like Kaylie. It was a hoot!

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