Saturday, June 20, 2009

The birthday day!

Madeleine's 5th birthday day began with swimming class. Madeleine and Sydney have taken swimming class at Emler swim school every Saturday for almost 3 years! When we talked about Madeleine's birthday party, Madeleine wanted to have Ms. Sandy come. Ms. Sandy comes every Wednesday to Oak Lawn UMC Child Development Center (where the kids go to school) and does drama. Ms. Sandy is from Capers for Kids and she did a puppet show at the party. She was great! We also had the bounce house that we bought for Christmas a year and a half ago (getting good mileage out of it!) and asked my mom (Nana), to be the face painter again. After pizza and cake (Madeleine requested a cake this year, no more cupcakes for my big girl!), we had a great time watching the kids take turns whacking at the pinata. It was a great party and I am so amazed at my amazing, sweet, kind, generous, smart, funny 5 year old girl!

Madeleine swimming...

Madeleine riding her present from Nana (she is usually in a helmet but was just riding to the mailbox).
the birthday girl with the birthday cake (yes, she made it), the girl loves to help...

Madeleine getting her face painted from Nana, Nana was very busy and did a great job! Thank you, Nana!

Everett was just a little bit nervous about all of these people in his house. He was trying to get as far away from them as possible, while still keeping his eye on them.

Madeleine with her friend Ava. I have been writing Madeleine's thank you notes while she dictates them. It cracks me up that she says, "I love you," to all of her friends in her thank you notes.

Lee and I with our 5 year old little girl! She loves to hear that she was the best Father's Day present ever (she was born on Father's Day in the wee hours of the morning).

Ms. Sandy telling a story about a pirate, a dragon, and a fairy.

Everyone was rapt to the story!

Time for cake!
Time for the pinata!

Madeleine with the cousin Sydney. Thanks Sydney for the matching sunglasses!

Blowing out the candle.

Madeleine hitting the pinata.

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Tiffany said...

We have such a great time at the FUN party!!! Happy Birthday Madeleine!!