Tuesday, December 30, 2008


It was wonderful at Christmas to have the opportunity to go on some dates with Lee! We went to the movies and saw Twilight and are now reading the books (borrowed from my 15 year old niece!). When Madeleine spent the night at Grandma and Grandpa's, my dad and stepmom, we ate seafood at the Oceanaire. A big thanks to Aunt Sally who made sure Everettt kept sleeping. The Oceanaire was delicious, the hash brown was awesome!

Then when we went down to my mom's in Wimberley for a quick trip, she watched the kids while Lee took me for my Christmas present. I had been wanting to go to Bohanan's in San Antonio after reading this article in Texas Monthly that rated it as the number 2 steakhouse in Texas. We went to the number 1 steakhouse for my birthday (Pappas Bros), and I would highly recommend the number 2 steakhouse as well! The Japanese beef was amazing!

While Madeleine was at my dad and stepmom's, Phyllis took Madeleine for a grown-up haircut. Isn't it so cute! She has bangs! And curls thanks to a curling iron. She will not bathe because she doesn't want the curls to go away, but seriously, it has been 3 days now!

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