Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Letter!

Merry Christmas! This Christmas may you receive the gift of God’s love, peace, and joy.

The Smith Family in 2008

L - Lee continues to work at Raytheon doing software implementation.
E - Enjoyed competing in 2 half marathons this year.
E - Enjoys playing Guitar Hero on the new Wii.

K - Kerry served at Lovers Lane UMC until June and is grateful for the wonderful friends there.
E - Enjoys working part-time so she can spend lots of time with Madeleine and Everett.
R - Really enjoyed celebrating 8 years of marriage with Lee in May!
R - Really excited about returning to Oak Lawn UMC where Kerry worked in 1999-2001.
Y - Yearns to go on more trips as a family as the kids get older.

M - Madeleine turned 4 on June 20th and is in her last year of preschool. Next Kindergarten!
A - Always talking, always asking questions, and always smiling.
D - Drawing all the time, and painting, and creating.
E - Enjoys Saturday mornings spent in swimming class (started at age 2).
L - Loves taking ballet classes on Saturday as well.
E - Enjoys playing with dolls and dressing up.
I - Interested in entertaining her brother and making him laugh.
N - Natural at riding her Big Wheel.
E - Excelling at her letters, she can even spell her long name!

E - Everett celebrated his 1st birthday October 5th.
V - Very good at going down little slide by himself.
E - Enjoys playing with balls, balloons, and with his sister.
R - Really loves climbing, as high as he can.
E - Excellent walker, running soon to come.
T - Talking and babbling all the time.
T - Tries to be like the big kids, emulating his sister.

God’s Blessings,
Lee, Kerry, Madeleine and Everett Smith

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