Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tickle Bootie

Madeleine makes up songs. Today on our way back from checking out the new kids area at the Dallas Museum of Art, Madeleine began to sing, "Tickle Bootie." These two particular words are ones that she likes to sing and say together. I am not sure of their derivation. What made Lee and I laugh though was to hear "Tickle Bootie" to the tune of Kum ba yah.

Imagine, in a very serious singing voice, a nearly 4 year old singing,

Tickle Bootie, tickle bootie. Tickle bootie, tickle bootie. Tickle bootie, tickle bootie. O, Lord, tickle bootie.

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Victoria is a little crazy said...

I know have a new song stuck in my head. Thanks. I will be singing tickle bootie for days...