Tuesday, May 6, 2008

8 years!

8 years ago today Lee and I were married. I thought it would be easy to remember, 5-6-00 and I remembered yesterday, but today I just forgot ... until Lee reminded me!

In 8 years together Lee and I have:

lived in 4 different homes - apartment in Oak Lawn, parsonage in England, parsonage in Krum, home in Lake Highlands

had 3 cats be a part of our lives before they went to animal heaven - Wayne, Mabel, Daphne. We have decided that we are not good for cats.

had 2 kids - Madeleine and Everett. We have decided that we are good for children.

purchased only 1 car! Lee bought the Jeep in March 2000 before we were married and I already had the Ford Contour which we sold when we moved to England. My mom drove the Jeep while we were in England and when we got back we bought the Honda (after driving Lee's great aunt's car for a while - the Hoopty!) . We love not making car payments!

been a part of 6 great churches - Oak Lawn UMC in Dallas; 3 in England - St. Paul's, Trinity, Langdon Hills - all in Basildon, Essex; Krum UMC, in Krum; and Lovers Lane UMC in Dallas

together traveled on a cruise to the Caribbean for our honeymoon in 2000, then in 2001-2002 all over England and while we were in England we went to Barcelona and Ireland. In 2003 we went to China and since kids in 2004 we have only traveled out of state 3 times - to San Francisco (Ranga and Alicia's wedding), Jackson Hole and Yellowstone, Wyoming (Scott and Jen's wedding) and Santa Fe (7 year anniversary).

had many fights and made up many times as well! Life is good, marriage is good, and every day when I wake up I decide to be nice to my spouse! I truly believe that love is a choice, it is a verb, it is something that we decide to do (or not do) each and every day.

May we always make each other laugh... and may God continue to bless our marriage.

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Deacon Pat said...

Marriage is the greatest gift that God has given us, but you already know that.....

God's continued peace to you both...