Thursday, February 14, 2008

I love Barack Obama!

I have always loved the political process. I turned 18 right before the 1992 general election and I applied and received a special dispensation to vote in that election. This year I have been drawn to Barack Obama and have been amazed at how people have been misinformed about him and his life. I had a church member tell me that he was a Muslim, and this individual would not believe me when I said, "No, no, he's a member of the Church of Christ." Check out the real facts here

This week I received a Barack Obama lapel pin and I'm committed to wearing it until I vote. Lee and I always vote early since you can vote anywhere and on the weekend! In Dallas, check out early voting details here.

Today I saw an amazing video that inspired me to write this blog. It is Barack's Iowa victory speech put to music by, of the Black-eyed peas. Check it out!


JennyB said...

You _so_ did not turn 18 before the 1988 general election . . . that would make us almost 40!! But I agree with you about liking Obama. And while he's a Christian, his grandma in Kenya is Muslim, which couldn't hurt us in that demographic!

Kerry Sumpter Smith said...

Doh! I meant 1992! I'll change that! My memory is fading!!!

Brian and Kristie Gibson said...

Ok, I will admit I did something I have never done before yesterday . . . I voted in a Democratic Primary.

I have voted in just about every election I was eligible to vote in since I turned 18, but I have always voted in the Republican primaries because most (not all) of my votes have gone in the Republican direction.

I guess I am evolving because last year I voted for Kinky Friedman for Governor and yesterday I voted for Obama for the Presidential candidacy.

I think we need some real different style and point of view in Washington right now. And I sure hope Obama wins the condidacy, because I am not sure that I can bring myself to vote for Hillary.


Kerry Sumpter Smith said...

Congrats on voting Democrat, you made me laugh, voting for Kinky! Kerry