Saturday, February 2, 2008

Discoveries for the entire Smith family

Everett has found his feet. While this may sound silly, it is amazing how long it takes for a baby to discover that they have feet. And then, all they want to do is pull off their socks and put those precious feet into their mouths! Everett can't get his feet into his mouth yet, but soon... he does have the sock removal part conquered!

Kerry and Lee have been discovering how to make Everett smile and laugh. So far, raspberries on the tummy work, tickling on the ribs work, ticking the feet work, and we have discovered that Everett likes to be thrown into the air. We don't let him go yet, but throw the boy up a few times and he will be laughing! We tried to capture the moment, but this is as close as we got...

Madeleine has discovered that she is a great swimmer! She and her cousin Sydney have been going every Saturday morning for a year and a half to Emler Swimming School. Last week they started teaching them to use their arms, she is learning freestyle! But oh, the peer pressure, there are 4 girls in their class, one of which is Sydney. The two other girls do not wear their goggles so Madeleine has decided that she doesn't need her goggles either. After the 30 minute swimming class, we go over to the "baby pool" and the girls play for an hour or so. Madeleine's latest tricks are to sit on the bottom of the pool (it's very shallow, 2 feet?) and to go under the water and hold her breath. It's amazing how comfortable Madeleine and Sydney have become in the water. Here's a photo of Madeleine doing her laps.

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