Wednesday, January 16, 2008


The older they get, the more fun they are! Here is a photo of Madeleine making cookies (we had a choir Christmas party January 12th so we made Christmas cookies with the cookie cutters from Aunt Jena, Uncle Chris, Cassandra and Xander). Thanks also to Aunt Terri for the wonderful apron!

One of the things that Kristin and I used to do as children was to put tights on our heads and pretend that we had long hair. Madeleine did that this weekend and I promise Kristin and I didn't ask her to do it!
Here is a picture of Madeleine and cousin Sydney with tights on their heads. This time Kristin and I did encourage the kids to put the tights on their head. This picture was taken in April 2006.

And here is a toy that I bought at a garage sale, it's called a krazy car and here is Sydney pushing Madeleine.

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