Monday, January 28, 2008

Everett's Baptism

Before Everett was even born I had scheduled his baptism! When I was the pastor of Krum UMC, Rev. Jim Dorff was my District Superintendent. He would call me every couple of weeks and that first year I remember every time he would call I would be having a bad day. I remember often choking back tears, thinking to myself, you mean someone cares about me? I'm not all alone here? Praise God!

When Madeleine was born, I wanted to be the mommy at her baptism, and so I asked my pastor, the District Superintendent, to come baptize my daughter. If possible, I wanted Jim to be a part of Everett's baptism as well. Jim is now the North Texas Conference Area Provost and is the North Texas Conference candidate for Bishop. He will be busy this spring meeting with different Conferences in the southcentral jurisdiction of the United Methodist Church. So, if possible I wanted to get on his calendar! When I called, Jim was very agreeable even though Everett wasn't even born yet!

Thank you Jim for being a part of this event in our son's life and for helping us to give him over to God. Baptism is so special because it is an act that is incorporating and initiating our child into the Christian faith. I want our child to know that before he was ours, he is God's.

Thank you to all of the many friends, family, Sunday School friends, and church members who were a part of this special day with us!

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