Thursday, December 13, 2007

Transitioning to the crib

Oh, how painful!!! Everett occassionally slept in his crib but in the middle of the night it just became easier to put him in his vibrating chair that he LOVES! Before I knew it, I was putting him in his chair anytime that he went to sleep.

So, after his two month visit and his four shots we figured this was it! I put him down for a nap in his crib after his doctor's visit and he cried until it was time to feed him again. Just so you know that we're not that mean, we do go in and do a diaper check and try to calm him down every 15 minutes but picking him up is strictly forbidden or else he gets confused (these are the Smith family rules).

Madeleine didn't sleep through the night until her two month visit. We thought that just as the four shots had made Madeleine tired, they would do the same thing for Everett. Everett has been sleeping through the night for about 2 weeks now, so this transitioning to his crib would be easy, right? WRONG! He cried nearly the whole night. After putting him in his bed at 11pm, I fed him at 2am, 5am, and 8am. After a nearly sleepless night, he didn't nap well yesterday because I kept putting in the crib (we were going cold turkey out of his chair). He only slept during the two car errands we went on (maybe 2 hours total all day of sleep).

Then, last night, a miracle occurred! He was finally exhausted. After putting him in his bed at 10:30 pm, he cried for 13 minutes and went to sleep until 6am!! We'll see how his naps today go... Right now he's still asleep in his car seat after taking Madeleine to school!

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