Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Everett turns 5!

Everett is such a joy, he loves to laugh, tickle, fight, battle with swords, battle with lightsabers, battle with guns...  For his birthday party Everett wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese.  I told him that we could go with his cousin Austin, but not with his 18 preschool classmates.  Everett was set on Chuck E Cheese, so the night before his birthday we had a great time playing games and running around.

On his birthday Everett had donuts and a kolache (his favorite food of all time) for breakfast and brought Star Wars cupcakes for his classmates. That night Lee made his homemade pizza, we ate more cupcakes and opened presents!

Everett at one day old, October 2007
1st Birthday - October 5, 2008
2nd Birthday - October 5, 2009

3rd Birthday - October 5, 2010

4th Birthday - October 5, 2011
5th Birthday - October 5, 2012

Madeleine and Everett on a ride at Chuck E Cheese

Shooting things with daddy at Chuck E Cheese


Elise said...

Happy Birthday, Everett! One of the most impressive things about these photos is how great Kerry looks in the one-day old photo!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Everett!!! One of the funniest kids I know. You may not know this now but you have the coolest parents on earth. :-) Peace and blessings to you all! -Byron