Monday, February 27, 2012

Girl Scout Cookies

This is Madeleine's 2nd year in Girl Scouting and as a brownie she is now able to sell Girl Scout cookies! She set her goal as 2012 so that she could win the prize of a Nook. She figured out for herself soon after many days of knocking on neighbor's doors that 2012 might be too high of a goal. But when she had sold 568 boxes and there were still 2 more weeks before the orders were due, 1000 became the new goal. She was the one going out every day after school to a different street, she knocked on every door and rang every doorbell, but I did help too. I think that I asked every single person at church if they would buy cookies and bless their hearts, our church family bought 383 boxes of cookies! When the order forms were due Madeleine had sold 1006 boxes of cookies! That is 84 cases of cookies!

Her big prize is a night at the Gaylord Texan Hotel with herself and 3 others (we have told her that will be her mom, dad, and brother).

The cookies... 84 cases worth...

Oh, and the thin mints!

My favorite delivery story is when we went to delivery some cookies and the nice man who answered the door took about 5 minutes trying to find cash and then he wrote a check. When we finally gave him the cookies and were walking away, he said, "umm, my wife is allergic to peanuts and I do not think that she ordered these cookies." So, I looked at the order form and though the address I had was correct the name was not! The person had ordered from an email that I sent out to our neighborhood moms group. When I went home and looked at the email that she had sent me, it was the correct address. So, I had to search the Dallas Appraisal District and found she had written the incorrect address. We were able to deliver her cookies and sold 2 more (I guess that makes the total 1008)! The man at the house that we went to had written a check so he asked us to bring him 2 more boxes of cookies without peanuts in them. This might be a good strategy, knock on people's doors and say that they ordered cookies even if they did not!

Selling 1006 boxes of cookies took a lot of time and energy, but delivering and collecting the money for those cookies is way harder! The money is due next week and we still have more than a few deliveries to make but we can do it ($600 more dollars to collect)! I am so proud of Madeleine for sticking with her goal and so incredibly thankful for friends and family (born into and church) that helped her to achieve her goal!

She has already said that next year she only wants to sell 300 boxes... that sounds so easy!

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Jim Sumpter said...

You know that old saying - "you can do whatever you set your mind to". Well Madeleine, congratulations. Your selling of cookies was more than I ever heard anyone sell before. Your future sure looks very exciting. Who knows what you will have accomplished in the next five years.

Love, Grandpap