Monday, April 11, 2011


A few weeks ago I was meeting with an engaged couple for their premarital counseling. I was feeling like they were just like me. They met in college and they even attended Texas Tech. Hey, I said, I did too! I had taken summer school there in 1994 and 1995 while my sister got her Masters in Math. When I asked them when they had been there, they responded that they had graduated in 2008. They were way younger than I was. How did I get this old? 40 is closer than ever before!

While I was feeling all old and wondering where my life had gone, I had the great opportunity to reconnect with a longtime friend. My friend Pam has lived the last five years abroad, in Oman and Brisbane, and my other longtime friend Victoria and I had decided that we needed to see Pam as soon as she was stateside. So, this past weekend Victoria and I hopped on a plane to Houston Friday afternoon. I had such a great time laughing, catching up, telling stories, and reconnecting not only with longtime friends but with myself.

My family has this tradition that we try to do every night at dinner. We go around the dinner table and share the best part of our day. That practice really makes me think about where I had had joy in that day. It makes me reflect on where I saw God and the working of the Holy Spirit.

Sometimes I lose me in the busyness of life. Reconnecting with good friends this past weekend reminded me of the joy of life. The joy of friends. The joy of being me.

Sunday morning I was back in Dallas, teaching Sunday School for the youngest ones at our church. I was getting lots of practice at practicing patience and I was a wee bit frustrated. Patti Osborne, an amazing woman of God, helped me to reconnect. At the end of class she suggested that the children make a kindness circle. These 8 children from the ages of 3-5 went around the circle sharing kind words about each other.

"He is really good at picking up his toys."
"She is very pretty."
"He is so cute."
"He is nice."

Reconnecting with kindness, with joy. I found that my heart was turned in that moment, ready again to embrace love, embrace hope.

Thanks be to God.

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Vivie Bear said...

Kerry that is so sweet of you! I cant wait until this summer when I can teach at church again and take some of the load off of you! :) patti