Thursday, March 17, 2011

#8 Thing to Do in Dallas with Kids

Go to the American Girl store, play with everything in the store, and do not purchase a thing. When the American Girl store opened in Dallas, I took Madeleine and I was amazed that the kids were invited to play with everything in the store. For every item that you can purchase there is one outside of the box, at kid-level, that they are welcome to touch and play with.

When I asked Madeleine what she wanted to do during spring break, her first response was, "Go to the American Doll store" (that is what she calls it). Each time before we enter the store, I make very clear that I am not going to purchase anything. I tell her that she can play with anything in the store, for an hour, and then we are going to leave. Mommy is not going to buy anything. I am amazed when I make this clear from the beginning, there is no whining or pleading for me to buy this or buy that.

Then, we always go to the 3rd floor playground at the Galleria Mall and walk to see the ice skaters.

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