Wednesday, July 15, 2009

vacation and its aftermath...

So, we just got back from a family vacation to my mom's awesome house in Wimberley. The kids slept in my mom's guestroom and when they woke up at 6:30 am my saint of a mother and stepdad would entertain them! We never once were awakened by our children! Lee and I slept in the guesthouse which is 30 feet away and has a bathroom, shower, kitchen area, and a large room for lounging and sleeping. The most awesome thing about my mom's is the pool, it's a salt water pool and the deer walk by the fence and the vultures fly over head looking for things to eat. Swimming with Madeleine was so much fun, diving for dive sticks, seeing who had the best cannonball, and having handstand competitions. Everett became more comfortable every day, at first he was only okay if every limb was in contact with me, Lee, or Nana. Today he was walking onto the top step of the pool by himself, but had more fun throwing the dive sticks into the pool for us.

So, now the aftermath of vacation. We dropped Madeleine off at my dad and stepmom's near Fort Worth because they are going to take Madeleine to see a play of Rumpelstiltskin tomorrow. The first thing we did when we got home was check on Madeleine's fish. This was a present for Madeleine's 5th Birthday, the fish tank is in her room and our wonderful neighbor had been taking care of the fish while we were gone. Lee comes out of Madeleine's room to say, "there is only one fish?" So, I ask Lee to go next door and thank the neighbor and find out if one fish died while we were gone. Lee comes back to say that the neighbor says that there was only ever one fish. So, we start looking for the dead fish. It is nowhere, not in the fish house, not in the plants, not in the gravel, and there is a lid on top of the fish tank so we know it didn't jump out.

Lee and I decide that one fish ate the other fish. So, now the dilemma, do I run out and buy another fish before Madeleine returns from the play or do I explain it to her? And what if the remaining fish eats the new fish? Maybe the remaining fish is meant to be a solitary fish?

The moral dilemmas of being a parent, to lie or not to lie...

Now, to download photos so I can post them!

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Judith said...

I love your fish story!