Monday, April 13, 2009

Deion Sanders!

Last Thursday was Madeleine's monthly preschool art class at the Dallas Museum of Art and we ventured to the downtown branch of the Dallas Public Library. This 8 story building has a reputation of being populated with many of Dallas' homeless and we did observe a few folks outside of the library in makeshift beds. The library is huge and there is an entire floor dedicated to children's literature. Madeleine and I were the only non employees on the 2nd floor last Thursday when people started to congregate in the area reserved for storytime. Then the group of school children, then the news crews, then the mayor, then ... Deion Sanders! They were kicking off a reading effort (or something, it was hard to pay attention because Madeleine was not interested!) but Deion read The Little Engine that Could. I was amazed at how small Deion was, no huge muscles, no huge height, he seemed ... normal. Maybe he's the little engine that did!

Madeleine loved the entire shelf of Dora books and also got a great book that I would encourage all those whose children will wear glasses to add to your library, Princess Peepers. As we were checking out our books Madeleine needed to go to the bathroom, I asked the check out person where the bathroom was and they replied, "You should go back to the children's floor, you have to have a key to get into that bathroom. You do not want to go to any other bathroom." Umm, okay... why not? What is happening in the other bathrooms? I didn't investigate and instead went to the children's floor, got the key, and went about our way.

Then, to art class at the DMA. We had an outdoor art class on sculpture. The teachers explained sculpture as any art that you can walk all the way around. Here is a picture of the kids replicating the stones in this circle sculpture.

They then had an activity with a ziploc bag full of shells that they arranged themselves. Another activity was with legos after observing a sculpture that utilized different shapes.

Here is Madeleine pictured with her creation of a sculpture.

And Madeleine with the huge Tutankhamen advertisement outside of the museum.

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