Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A visit with Santa

Madeleine has never had her picture taken with Santa. I know, I know, I'm a negligent mother, but I decided this year was THE year. She understands about Santa, asks questions, wants to make sure the chimney is clear of debris, etc. So, this year I decided to try this visiting Santa thing out. Northpark mall has a story time with Santa everyday at 11am, so we went today. It was awesome. Santa came out and told two great stories with lots of hand motions. He was a great storyteller (as you would expect from Santa). By the end of it Madeleine wasn't scared at all and she wanted to sit in his lap and get her picture taken. And Everett woke up just as Madeleine was called up to sit in Santa's lap, so we got both kids. However, we might have to go back when the kids are dressed up!


Petie said...

Those are very sweet! Joelle and Elise are hysterical in the one we had taken on Monday. The scanner is put away (because Elise would be all over it if it were out)... so, I can't scan it to show you. Elise is so sullen!

mmcrouse said...

They are so adorable and that Santa will give Krum's santa a run for his money. You are missed.

Suzanne Stubbs said...

I loved these photos, Everette looks like he is going to enjoy Christmases. Suz